The Home and Garden Radio Show
Larry O'Neil and Wally Conway have never met a question they didn't like.  Co-hosts of the Saturday morning "Home and Garden Radio Show"on WOKV, Larry and Wally do for home maintenance what Clik and Clak have done for cars: combine expert knowledge with a friendly and funny call-in format that leaves people both educated and entertained.  This phenomenal radio show is the only show available that reaches out to gardeners and homeowners in the same format.  As Wally says, "I take care of everything inside and Larry takes over from the walls out."   With their broad knowledge base and can-do attitude, Larry and Wally consider themselves partners in grime, experts dedicated to making sure that people who have made significant investments in their homes can continue to maintain those homes with pleasure and confidence.  Wally's East Coast practicality blends with Larry's West Coast sensibilities to ensure that this team eagerly conquers challenges from Seattle, WA to Miami, FL.

     Gardening ranks as the number one hobby in America and the home maintenance industry is a multi-billion dollar concern.  Whether your listeners are container gardeners working from the balcony of a condo or first-time home owners learning the in-and-outs of water heaters or folks finally settling down in the home of their dreams, The Home and Garden Radio Show is sure to become an important feature of their listening routine.

Larry ONeil and Wally Conway in studio. 

Wally Conway is a featured Contractor and Host on HGTV's House Detective and Host of DIY's Finder's Fixers, both airing nationally.  Larry ONeil is the regional garden expert on WJXT.